Teaching Rhythm Logically from Day One

Darcy Potter Williams

The start of the year, especially for anyone who teaches beginners, can be stressful. It’s not collecting handbook signatures, the t-shirt money, or checking out instruments and lockers that is truly going to impact the infancy of your students’ band experience. What is crucial is getting them off to the right start when they know nothing.

Teaching Rhythm, the Most Important Thing in Music

Seth Gamba Teaching Rhythm

“What are the three most important things in music? Rhythm, rhythm, and rhythm.” 
– Jere Flint, Atlanta Symphony cellist & conductor

Rhythm is the most important thing in music. Consider this: If you miss a note, you will sound bad for a moment, but if you miss a rhythm, you will be in the wrong place and are now missing every note.

Classroom Fun with the SmartMusic Rhythm Challenge

Sometimes a fun educational activity may be the perfect fit for your lesson plans. Here’s an idea for using SmartMusic in your class on just such an occasion. It is a great way to review and have fun at the same time – and it doesn’t even require instruments.

Recommended Set-up:

Computer connected to an LCD projector Speakers SmartMusic microphone  attached to a music stand (the height is easily adjusted) Score board

In SmartMusic:

Select Exercises, double-click on Rhythm, and click Open.