More SmartMusic Practice Tools for Jazz

Last fall I shared a Practice Tools for Jazz blog post that served as an introduction to the jazz patterns and improvisation exercises included in SmartMusic. Today I’ll follow-up with some tips on how to find and use SmartMusic’s jazz-themed method books, jazz band charts, and imported MP3 files.

Method Books

To get started, go to the SmartMusic “FIND MUSIC” page and open the “Method Books” category.

Teacher Tip: Creating a Holiday CD for Parents

Teacher Jim Schulz shares how he creates a CD using SmartMusic.

Creating a Holiday CD for parents using SmartMusic is a project I have used in some variation over many years. I am currently doing this project with my 6th grade string players.  If you don’t wish to create a holiday CD, you could use this template for other projects such as a portfolio of your students’ progress.

SmartMusic Feature Friday: Creating MP3 Assignments


In today’s Feature Friday, you will learn the quickest way to add content to SmartMusic – creating MP3s! Once an MP3 is in your SmartMusic library, you can assign it to students for practice or evaluation purposes.

Here are some ways that teachers are using MP3s:

Take all or a portion of a large group recording and make an assignment.

SmartMusic Feature Friday: Import MP3 Files

FeatureFriday_BlogHeader_EditableIn today’s SmartMusic Feature Friday, you will learn how to import MP3 files into SmartMusic. Once an MP3 is in your SmartMusic library, you can practice or assign the MP3. This feature tremendously expands the possibilities of using SmartMusic in your curriculum.

After an MP3 file is imported into SmartMusic, you can do the following:

Play it at various tempos without changing key Transpose to other keys Loop a selected region Create assignments to students with your required settings To import an MP3, click on the MP3 Audio Files menu on the left side of the SmartMusic screen.

Wrapping up the year with SmartMusic – Part 2

In last week’s blog, I discussed how SmartMusic can help with concerts, reviews, mastery tests, and other year-end challenges. If you’re like me, in addition to completing these tasks, you’re also thinking ahead about next year too! (Why do we do this to ourselves?)

Here’s a few ways SmartMusic can help you look ahead:

For those students who have SmartMusic at home, consider providing them with a list of activities that can help guide their practice over the summer.

Wrapping up the year with SmartMusic

Unbelievably, it’s already time to start thinking about the end of the school year. But before you can inventory instruments, catalog the music, and do some clean up, you probably still have some goals to accomplish: concerts, reviews, mastery tests, and maybe even having some fun! Let’s see how SmartMusic can help you more easily put the fine on your school year.

Using SmartMusic Recordings

Remember the first time you recorded your voice and then heard it played back? Was it a big surprise for you? The ability to hear recordings of our own performances, while sometimes humbling, represents a powerful learning tool.

When I started using SmartMusic, I was very impressed with how convenient SmartMusic made it for students to create quality digital recordings of their performances at home.