Classroom Fun with the SmartMusic Rhythm Challenge

Sometimes a fun educational activity may be the perfect fit for your lesson plans. Here’s an idea for using SmartMusic in your class on just such an occasion. It is a great way to review and have fun at the same time – and it doesn’t even require instruments.

Recommended Set-up:

Computer connected to an LCD projector Speakers SmartMusic microphone  attached to a music stand (the height is easily adjusted) Score board

In SmartMusic:

Select Exercises, double-click on Rhythm, and click Open.

The Last Few Days (Part Two)

Last week I described how SmartMusic can be used to review material – even when half the class is absent because of holiday-related events. As an example, I provided a rhythm exercise which the students clapped. Of course instruments can be used too; here’s another activity to try.

SmartMusic Face-off


Students from two opposing teams perform lines from their method book to earn points.