Classroom Fun with the SmartMusic Rhythm Challenge

Sometimes a fun educational activity may be the perfect fit for your lesson plans. Here’s an idea for using SmartMusic in your class on just such an occasion. It is a great way to review and have fun at the same time – and it doesn’t even require instruments.

Recommended Set-up:

Computer connected to an LCD projector Speakers SmartMusic microphone  attached to a music stand (the height is easily adjusted) Score board

In SmartMusic:

Select Exercises, double-click on Rhythm, and click Open.

Get Organized with SmartMusic Units

As many of you know, creating an assignment in SmartMusic involves a few simple steps. Once you’ve selected a piece of music, and clicked on the Assignment button within that piece, you specify details (like a minimum tempo or how many points the assignment is worth), offer some instructions, set a due date, and indicate which class (or individual students) you’re sending it to.

SmartMusic: The Great Equalizer?

This week I’d like to share a story from my teaching experience. As a middle school band director, one of my responsibilities was to start beginners on their instruments, and like you, I wanted them my students to succeed.

It was a few weeks into a beginning class. I was getting to know the students’ personalities, work habits, and performance skills.

School is almost out…SmartMusic to the rescue!

If you are reading this blog, you’re probably still in school. The last days of school before a vacation can be full of schedule surprises, including field trips, special events, parties, testing schedules, and more. This, combined with shorter than usual attention spans, makes planning for a class very challenging.